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Israel’s Artistic Revival: Navigating Trauma and Renewal

Monday, March 25
5:00pm Pacific Time | 8:00pm Eastern Time
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Exploring the resurgence of Israel’s art scene since October 7th.

We are delighted to offer this class for free. But to ensure we can keep making Jewish education accessible at no charge, will you make the suggested donation of $36 (or more, if you are so moved)? Thank you for your generosity!

Following a hiatus in the Israeli art scene after the October 7th massacre, there is now a resurgence, as public art institutions, private galleries, and independent artists endeavor to paint, mold, and display art again. Our discussion will delve into ongoing exhibitions and initiatives across the nation, addressing projects previously paused and reflecting on the potential and significance of art amidst the recent traumas and political upheavals.

Photo Credit: Yonatan Zofy

Cost: Free
Instructor: Sagi Refael

Sagi Refael is an Israeli art historian, curator, educator, writer and advisor to collectors and artists, based in Los Angeles. He is also the founder of IAILA, a private educational and commercial initiative representing contemporary Israeli artists in Southern California.