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Teaching the Holocaust on Fortnite and Through Gaming Platforms

Wednesday, March 13
12:00pm Pacific Time | 3:00pm Eastern Time
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Luc Bernard shares personal insights and global responses on how he is revolutionizing Holocaust education through virtual worlds and gamin

Despite spending many millions of dollars on Holocaust museums and education, statistics paint a dismal picture of what young people understand about the Nazis attempt to exterminate the Jews. Luc Bernard, a noted game designer, has taken a different approach. He created a video game aimed at portraying the Holocaust accurately, titled The Light in the Darkness, and on the Fortnite gaming platform, he developed a virtual museum called Voices of the Forgotten that allows young people to learn about Holocaust in a familiar virtual environment. Bernard will be in conversation with AJU President Jeffrey Herbst about the opportunities the virtual world has to offer for Holocaust education, how people across the world have responded to his digital creations, and the opportunities and perils of “gamifying” the mass killing of Jews.   

Cost: Free