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Tour Global Jewish Life: Rome

Thursdays September 21 - September 21
10:00am Pacific Time | 1:00pm Eastern Time
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Join us for an immersive journey into the heart of Rome’s Jewish heritage with Roman Jewish native Micaela Pavoncello.

Embark on a virtual tour of Europe’s oldest Jewish community and explore the rich history of the Jewish Museum, marvel at the grandeur of the Great Synagogue, and wander through the historic Ghetto streets. Discover anecdotes, customs, culinary traditions, and family stories from WWII to understand the struggles and resilience of Rome’s Jewish community. Join us for an immersive journey into the heart of Rome’s Jewish heritage, where we’ll discover unique flavors of Roman Jewish cuisine and gain insights into what it means to be Jewish in Rome today.

Instructor: Micaela Pavoncello

Micaela Pavoncello, a proud Roman Jew, was born and raised in Rome. She studied Art History at the city’s university, driven by her deep love for Rome. Through her travels to Argentina and Israel, she connected with diverse Jewish communities and shared her own story. Realizing the extraordinary nature of the Jewish Community of Rome, she founded Jewish Roma Walking Tours in 2003. Simultaneously, Micaela worked at MACRO, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, where she engaged with artists, collectors, curators, and visitors worldwide. Her research at the central Archive of Rome explored her family’s experiences during the ghetto era. Micaela’s passion for preserving Rome’s Jewish heritage fuels her dedication to sharing its remarkable story. Learn more HERE.