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Tour Global Jewish Life: Shanghai, China

Thursdays November 30 - November 30
12:00pm Pacific Time | 3:00pm Eastern Time
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Discover Shanghai’s Historic Jewish Communities with tour guide Yael Farjun.

Get ready for an electrifying virtual tour of Jewish Shanghai! Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant heart where history meets modernity, as we explore the three waves of Jewish groups that arrived in China from the 19th century onwards. Discover their stories, reasons behind their journey, and their thriving communities. Join Yael Farjun for an hour of exploration and connection as we unveil Shanghai’s Jewish secrets like never before.

Instructor: Yael Farjun

Since 2010, Yael Farjun has thrived in Shanghai. Following a BA in Asia studies and political science, specialized in China, she founded two travel companies. Initially a tour guide, Yael’s deep knowledge of China from her studies and her love for history fueled her journey. Her interest in China’s Jewish heritage ignited in 2009 during a Shanghai study program. Determined to share this lesser-known story, she connected with fascinating individuals and conducted insightful interviews. Amid the pandemic, Yael reluctantly closed her businesses and joined a company aiding international ventures in China. Proudly involved in Shanghai and China’s Jewish community, she leads a fulfilling life bridging cultures.