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Understanding Genocide: Raphael Lemkin and the Origin of the Word Genocide

Wednesday, August 7
12:00pm Pacific Time | 3:00pm Eastern Time
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Join us for part 1 of this series on the definition of genocide, its historical origins, and instances of genocide in post-Holocaust era.

What is a genocide, and how do we understand it in a post-Holocaust era? Join distinguished scholar in Holocaust and Genocide Studies Michael Berenbaum for an in-depth 3-part series where we will examine its historical origins, legal definitions, and instances of genocide in the post-Holocaust era.In this session we will explore the pioneering work of Raphael Lemkin, the Polish-Jewish lawyer who coined the term “genocide.”

We will delve into Lemkin’s efforts to define and conceptualize genocide, his advocacy for international recognition, and the historical context that influenced his groundbreaking work. This session will also examine how Lemkin’s definition laid the foundation for contemporary understandings of genocide and its legal implications.

This is part 1 of the 3-part series.

Cost: Free
Speaker: Michael Berenbaum

Michael Berenbaum is a Professor of Jewish Studies and Director of the Sigi Ziering Institute at the American Jewish University. He is a writer, a scholar and a creator of Museums. His work has been recognized by the Emmys and Academy Awards.