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What Do Jews Think of God? A Class in Jewish Theology

Tuesdays February 6 - March 26
12:00pm Pacific Time | 3:00pm Eastern Time
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Examine how Jewish tradition addresses the concept of God, life and death, mitzvot and prayer, the meaning of Torah, and more.

We will examine various ideas about God in Jewish tradition. What can we say about God? What can we say about human beings and their connection to God?  How can evil exist in the world if God is good? Are Jews the Chosen People? What is the meaning of Torah? What can we say about the mitzvot, God’s commandments? Does God hear our prayers? Is there a Messiah? What does the Halacha say about abortion? We will look at how Jewish tradition addresses these questions by examining selections from the Bible, the Talmud, the Midrash, and the Kabbalah. Join us for 8 classes of spirited discussion and learning.

This class meets the following Tuesdays at noon: 

February 6 

February 13 

February 20 

February 27 

March 5 

March 12 

March 19 

March 26 

Series: 8 Sessions
Instructor: Rabbi Mark Goodman

Rabbi Mark Goodman is the rabbi and cantor of Valley Beth Israel, where he has served since 2000. He teaches adult education at the Whizin Center for Continuing Education at AJU. He is currently working on his Doctorate in Jewish Studies.