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October 2023
Oct 17
Oct 17, 2023

Explore medieval Jewish communities through the Middle Ages, Islamic law, and the rise of Jewish philosophers. In this class we will look at the history of the Jews during the …

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December 2023
Dec 07
Dec 07, 2023

Join author Dan Schulman to learn how German-Jewish immigrants forged financial empires Author Daniel Schulman and UC Riverside’s Michael Alexander explore the captivating narrative of German-Jewish immigrants who transformed modern …

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Dec 20
Dec 20, 2023

Author Dina Porat discusses the true story of a vigilante group of Holocaust survivors who conspired to kill six million Germans. Author Dina Porat and AJU’s Michael Berenbaum discuss Porat’s …

Nakam: The Holocaust Survivors Who Sought Full-Scale Revenge Read More »

Dec 21
Dec 21, 2023

Join author Michael Benson to explore the history of Jewish mobsters who fought Nazis in America during WWII Join author Michael Benson, in conversation with AJU’s Samuel Rosenbaum, to learn …

Gangsters vs. Nazis: How Jewish Mobsters Battled Nazis in WWII America Read More »

February 2024
Feb 05
Feb 05, 2024

Demystify the afterlife traditions of Judaism with Rabbi Pinchas Giller We are delighted to offer this class for free. But to ensure we can keep making Jewish education accessible at …

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