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Psalms: From Joy to Sorrow, Singing Hallelujah

Draw new meaning from the ancient words of Psalms.

We are delighted to offer this class for free. But to ensure we can keep making Jewish education accessible at no charge, will you make the suggested donation of $36 (or more, if you are so moved)? Thank you for your generosity!

Psalms serve as the playlist of the Jewish people, offering deeply personal and honest poem-songs that resonate universally and spiritually. Join us in studying a curated selection of Psalms to explore their artistry and discover phrases and compositions that hold
enduring meaning for you.

This class meets the following Wednesdays from 12-1pm PT:

March 27, Introduction and Happiness: Psalm 1

April 3, Life as a Journey: Psalm 23

April 10, When Life is Hard: Psalm 44 and 121

April 17, Hallelujah: Psalm 145-150